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Engineered Stone

Our marble and granite is offered in many different colors, finishes and edges. 

We have vanity tops, sink bowls, shower panels, and shower bases. 


These color samples provide a basic representation of the color. All colors can be made solid or with Veining. We also have a selection of red, blue & green!

**Differences of shade or veining patterns can vary from sample to finished product.

**All of the engineered stone is available in either gloss or matte finish.


4 inch by 6-1/4 inch samples are available upon request.

Cleaning and Maintenance 


Do Not clean this product with any abrasive materials. ( i.e. Steel wool, Comet, Ajax.) These abrasives will dull the lustrous finish. We recommend Gel-Gloss, a one-step cleaning process for our products. You may chose to clean your stone with liquid cleaners such as Fantastic, Mr. Clean, or Formula 409. After cleaning, you may wax your marble surface with a non-adhesive wax. This produces a shinier surface and makes future cleaning easier. Hard water stains and rust can be removed with a mild vinegar solution, followed by a fine polishing compound.


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